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WB060: Nikki Fogden-Moore: The Vitality Coach

Listen in to this wonderful interview with the inspirational Nikki Fogden-Moore. Nikki talks us through her new book “Fitpreneur-The Ultimate Leader. Healthy, Wealthy & Wise. How to be CEO of your business and your life”.

The Vitality Coach, Nikki shares her wellness journey and how she supports CEO’s, entrepreneurs and high achievers in creating the life they want. Nikki draws upon decades of experiences working with some of the world’s highest achievers to provide a practical framework that helps you reconnect with your why and your sense of balance, peace and wisdom within.

A wonderful interview with Nikki Fogden-Moore who is a renowned global coach, speaker, mentor and founder of the Vitality Road Map.

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WB055: Exercise as Medicine

This episode explores the topic of Exercise as Medicine. Each person has individual needs when it comes to exercise, which ideally will support a balanced and fulfilling life. This discussion expands the topic of Food as Medicine to incorporate the many considerations for you when including exercise, fitness and movement in your life. Carolyn talks of her own experiences of being a chronic exerciser and how she has moved beyond this to have a new appreciation for what her body really needs to be well.
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WB051: Daniella Hogarth and her new book ‘Mind your Gut Health’.


A wonderful interview with wellness advocate Daniella Hogarth as she launches her new book: Mind your Gut health. An informative, supportive and inspiring book with a program and resources to support gut healing. Listen in as Daniella talks about the book and the importance of a healthy gut. Daniella has shared her own wellness story in previous podcast episodes and now is supporting others to improve their own health and well being.
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WB012:Fitness and Movement: Wellness Seminar 2

wellness circles
Life balance is so important if we are to achieve wellness in our lives.

Carolyn talks us through the second of her Community Wellness Seminars where fitness, movement and exercise are explored from a holistic perspective. With a past history of chronic exercise Carolyn has had to change her mindset, habits and goals to achieve Wellness and the healing that her body needed. This podcast is filled with tips to live a more holistic and balanced life where your own individual goals and familial predispositions drive your exercise and movement choices.

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