WB008: Scoliosis (Mindfulness, Resilience and Motivation) with Mandy Mercuri

mandy photo
Mandy Mercuri: Wellness and Self Pain Management Advocate

Mandy Mercuri shares her amazing wellness journey and gives us an insight into the impact Scoliosis has on her daily life, including the challenges of pregnancy and beyond. She shares her advice and tips for managing the pain and life adjustments without pain medication as she has done for the past six years. With mindfulness, internal strength and resilience, an incredible motivation and a desire to be the best person she can be, Mandy is living a full life and contributing to the wellbeing of others locally, online and through her own podcast: Health Champions in Action. Mandy is a very positive person with a drive that has often pushed her to the limit both mentally and physically. In this very open interview she shares a brave journey where after years of challenging the pain, a stay at a Pain Management Centre was the turning point for accepting the pain which is her constant companion but now no longer something to be feared.

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