WB009: The Paleo Kitchen with Carolyn Gray

Come on a tour of Carolyn’s kitchen. Learn what appliances, gadgets and kitchenware are important when running a Whole Foods based kitchen. It’s a workplace, meeting centre, hub of the home, a destination and more. Carolyn follows a strict Paleo diet following years of chronic illness which is now a distant memory. She shares the challenges of feeding children non-Paleo foods and how this is managed as well as now having to share her kitchen with a husband and three children who are all embracing cooking.

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2015-04-30 12.09.45
One side of my kitchen showing the Oscar Neo cold pressed juicer, the regular centrifugal juicer, toaster, bottled water, spiralizer and water filter.
2015-04-30 12.09.37
The other side of the kitchen showing the grinder, mixer, food processor, high speed blender and kettle.
2015-04-30 12.08.24
In this view you can see the dishwasher and the floor is very easy to clean.
2015-07-06 12.54.29
The new fridge/freezer combo. Each side is quite narrow but l love the convenience of it and it is a change from the very wide fridge with one large door that we used to have.
2015-07-06 19.33.36
This is most of the fridge side.

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