WB013: Functional Medicine with Dr. Al Danenberg

Nutritional Periodontist

An amazing interview with Functional Medical Practitioner and Periodontist Dr. Al Danenberg who shares his knowledge and expertise in Ancestral Nutrition, Functional Medicine and advances in the Periodontal Profession. Dr. Danenberg had his own health crisis several years ago when he suffered a stroke and in this episode he discusses how for a considerable period of time after the stroke he followed the Nutritional and Pharmaceutical advice of Mainstream Medicine in managing his health before discovering Ancestral Nutrition and Living which has supported his recovery and increased sense of wellbeing. Dr. Danenberg at the age of 68 years is a very intelligent, motivated and inspirational person who is embracing life, an incredible Paleo diet and an exercise program which incorporates all of the elements of The Primal Blueprint program. This is a wonderful interview with Dr. Al Danenberg who is based in Charleston, South Carolina, USA.

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