WB016: Food as Medicine (An exploration of main meals-Breakfast)

The very thin sick me. Chronically ill three years ago and rapidly losing weight.


A very overweight and unhappy version of myself at the start of a 14 year health journey. It is hard to believe this is me.

Leading into teaching the second of her Food as Medicine Workshops Carolyn reviews the Hot Topics from Session 1 and begins a review of delicious whole foods based main meals starting with breakfast. It is a visual feast as Carolyn talks us through what she has for breakfast including an assortment of egg dishes, green smoothies, healthy pancakes or no breakfast at all. Breakfast can be leftovers from dinner the night before and is an important meal for those transitioning from the SAD diet to a more clean eating Paleo approach. All recipes are gluten, dairy and processed sugar free and many are listed in detail on her amazing Website at www.holisticwellnessforlife.com. Listen, Learn, Live it, Love it and then leave a review/rating on iTunes!

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