WB018: Fitgenes Advanced DNA Testing. An analysis of my results.

Carolyn has joined with Fitgenes to explore her own genes and shares the results in an interesting and informative discussion with Fitgenes Naturopath: Rebecca Hall. Advanced DNA Testing looks at 53 genes and gives an insight into genetic predispositions which can influence our health in a positive or negative way. The main topics covered in this analysis are Inflammation, Cell Defence, Cardiovascular Health, Fat Metabolism & Cholesterol Regulation and Vitamin D Metabolism. Knowing this information can support the focus of your nutritional, health and lifestyle interventions and the Fitgenes Practitioner is ideally placed to advise on Dietary supports as an example that can support your long term health and wellbeing. There will be a second episode in this Fitgenes series where Carolyn will learn the results of her AMY1 gene test which looks at how many amylase genes are present which impacts starch digestion and therefore Weight Management. Genetic Testing is a fascinating podcast topic and the way of the future as we understand more about the different genes in the human body, there is more research to support the genes being analysed and the testing now available to those who are proactive and motivated to go down this path.
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