WB020: Pyroluria. What is life like after Diagnosis and Treatment? This episode explores the topic.

In this second episode exploring the topic of Pyroluria, Carolyn shares what life is like now two and a half years since the diagnosis. With the support of her Integrative Practitioner, an intense supplement protocol, a Food as Medicine Paleo orientated diet and many life changes Carolyn now feels she is at the peak of her Wellness journey but maybe she needs to make some hard decisions to support her body in its quest to function optimally. The challenge it seems to Carolyn is the impact the Pyroluria has on achieving Homeostasis in the body and the many stresses and stressors of modern life impacting this. Carolyn shares her ongoing journey, the challenges of having three children also diagnosed with Pyroluria and the importance of having the support of an excellent Integrative Practitioner. The first episode on this topic is Episode 2 of the Wellness Buzz Podcast and it is recommended to listen to that one first.
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