WB021: Food as Medicine (Treats, Snacks, Desserts and Drinks)

An in depth discussion about the role of treats, snacks, desserts and drinks in a whole foods based diet. Avoid the perils of being a sugar burner and reduce your carbohydrate intake with these handy tips. Base your food intake on whole foods, with a mindful approach to eating the much loved and desired Paleo treats. Carolyn reflects on the past 2.5 years as she has transitioned from the SAD diet to a clean eating Paleo intake and the challenges of lowering her sugar intake. This episode looks at the sugars in healthy foods and how these can be addictive and hard to resist. Mindful eating and living is at the core of maintaining a healthy weight and avoiding many of the modern illnesses ravaging society today. Carolyn’s health journey continues with the realisation that sugars such as honey are sometimes foods and shouldn’t be part of her everyday diet. Carolyn reviews the healthy drink options and the role of whole foods based snacks in a Food as Medicine approach.

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