WB027: Fitgenes AMY 1 Gene Test

Another amazing episode with Rebecca Hall from Fitgenes but this time the discussion looks at the AMY 1 gene test which determines how many copies of the AMY 1 gene you have. Variations within the AMY 1 gene influence how well your body can breakdown and process starch, meaning that some people can tolerate carbohydrates better than others. The AMY 1 gene has evolved in humans to have an increased number of copies with the average human having 6 copies but able to have up to 20 with a very high number not necessarily a positive thing due to a high level of sugar in the mouth. Approximately 10% of the Australian population has a number greater than 9 which indicates they will have better glycemic control than low AMY 1 individuals on a similar diet. A low AMY 1 copy number indicates: a reduced amount of enzyme in the saliva needed to break down starch, a reduced tolerance of high starch diets, a greater risk or predisposition to obesity, reduced glycemic control and increased risk for metabolic abnormalities. Listen as Carolyn shares her own results, revealing a very low number 2 AMY 1 genes which is another piece in the jigsaw puzzle of her own health journey.


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