WB031: Fibromyalgia with ‘Counting My Spoons’ Julie Ryan

julie ryan
Writer and health advocate Julie Ryan

An insightful interview with Julie Ryan from countingmyspoons.com which chronicles her journey with Fibromyalgia. Julie talks about the series of events leading up to her diagnosis, the challenging time she had both physically and mentally and the positive attitude she has to life that has enabled her to move beyond the pain and live a fulfilling life. Julie shares the challenges of living with an invisible illness, how her daily life is impacted and the pain management strategies she utilises. A very personal account of an illness that is all too common. Julie discusses the dietary changes that have supported her journey, the lifestyle adjustments that go with having fibromyalgia and how she supports others through her social media. An inspiring interview that is a window into the life of those living with an invisible illness.
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