WB038: Jennifer Richards-Rumbles Paleo

Listen in as Jennifer Richards from Rumbles Paleo shares her story. A really insightful interview with a motivated and inspirational member of the Paleo Community. Jen shares her past experience of having an eating disorder, her new relationship with food and the inspiration which led to the creation of Rumbles Paleo. Jen is the author of two children’s books, Rumbles Paleo T.V and is embarking on a wonderful new Venture with parents called ‘The Love Project’. As as a past Primary School Teacher and with a great enthusiasm for healthy living Jen is passionate about sharing her Wellness messages. Jen shares her experiences as an EFT Tapping Counsellor and her holistic approach to life. A Primal BluePrint Certified Expert an expert in all things Paleo with a huge selection of online resources for you to source. A really wonderful interview that is sure to inspire you.
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