WB047: Functional Medicine Specialist and Periodontist Dr Alvin Danenberg talks all things Primal

dr danenberg photo
Dr Alvin Danenberg

A wonderful interview with Functional Medical Practitioner Dr Alvin Danenberg who shares his own health journey that has enabled him at the age of 69 years to be the healthiest he has ever been. By following a Primal lifestyle and educating himself he has transformed his own life and is positively influencing the health of many of his periodontal patients. A really inspiring and motivating interview with Al who suffered a stroke ten years ago and was put on a collection of pharmaceuticals. Al has radically changed his diet and lifestyle, reduced the medications and literally has a new lease on life. Al talks with us from his home in Charleston South Carolina in the U.S.A and l encourage you to listen and take on board the many positive health messages that Al speaks of in this interview. 
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