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WB059: Rebecca Jackson: Empowerment Coach and Author

Listen in as empowerment coach and author Rebecca Jackson introduces her new book: You’re Not Alone (A practical guide for awakening the soul).

A wonderful interview to support you on your wellness journey. Rebecca is an Australian author based on the Gold Coast and shares her tips to support your journey of self-discovery.

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WB024: Plant Based Paleo and Intuitive Living with Daniella Hogarth


A follow up episode with Wellness Mentor Daniella Hogarth who previously discussed her recovery from Post Natal Depression (Ep. 6). In this episode we explore the topics of Plant Based Paleo and Intuitive Living, both of which are supportive of Daniella’s own wellness journey and are sure to inspire those of you who are looking to incorporate these elements in your life.

Plant Based Paleo: What does this look like on a day to day basis?

Intuitive Living: Energy Medicine, Reiki, Essential Oils, finding the answers from within

Bonus Topic: Making your own Sanitary Napkins and how to be budget orientated in this area plus some other amazing tips for everyday thriftiness.

An overall wonderful interview with the gorgeous Daniella Hogarth. Benefit from her wisdom and inspiration by listening to this informative and personal discussion.

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