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WB067: Sound Healing with Daniel Coates (Suntara).

Daniel Coates shares his expertise, knowledge and experiences of working as a sound healer. One of Australia’s leading sound healers, Daniel has travelled across Australia sharing sound healing and is now¬† touring to International locations with his family. Daniel joins us from Cambodia for an insightful discussion into this very interesting healing therapy.


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WB062: Craigh Wilson: Medical and Business Intuitive

A really inspirational interview with medical and business intuitive Craigh Wilson. With 30 years of experience he is a highly sought after author, regular media contributor, mentor and international key note speaker. He has a new book out called √ćntuitive: how to access and use your birth-given intuition’, which is one of a planned series of books.

This was an engaging and insightful discussion with many tips on ways to support your wellbeing and an overview of the services and supports offered by Craigh.

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WB059: Rebecca Jackson: Empowerment Coach and Author

Listen in as empowerment coach and author Rebecca Jackson introduces her new book: You’re Not Alone (A practical guide for awakening the soul).

A wonderful interview to support you on your wellness journey. Rebecca is an Australian author based on the Gold Coast and shares her tips to support your journey of self-discovery.

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WB032: Beyond Pyroluria

2015-09-26 18.24.12
Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Coach Carolyn Gray.

After almost two and a half years Carolyn’s journey with Pyroluria is moving in a new direction. The supplements, food as medicine, nutrition study and motivation for a greater sense of life balance have all supported her Wellness and recovery. Healing the body has taken time but now she is moving to better understand the mental health journey through studying a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and undertaking workshops in ACT with Dr Russ Harris. Moving away from the chronic health pattern and separating herself from the diagnosis is helping to develop the whole person. Through an integrative and holistic approach Carolyn is working towards living the meaningful and fulfilling life she wants and focussing less on the Pyroluria as its hold on her has lessened and symptoms subsided. The third in a series on Pyroluria and it is recommended that you listen to Episode 2 (Pyroluria: My experience) and Episode 20 (Pyroluria: What is life like after Diagnosis and Treatment) before this one.
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