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WB066: FOOD ADDICTION with Psychologist Dr Glenn Livingston

Listen in as l explore the topic of FOOD ADDICTION with expert Dr Glenn Livingston. Glenn is a Psychologist and has a wealth of professional knowledge which he shares in this discussion focussing on binge eating, bulimia and over eating. Glenn shares his personal journey with binge eating which is insightful and honest. A wonderful interview to support depth in this topic with further resources available in his book ‘Never Binge Again’. Visit the website to get some wonderful supports including a free copy of his ebook and other resources. A must listen for anyone struggling with FOOD ADDICTION: neverbingeagain.com

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WB064: Emma Bannister: Founder and CEO of Presentation Studio

A wonderful interview with the inspiring Emma Bannister who is the Founder and CEO of Presentation Studio, which is the largest presentation agency in Asia Pacific. Emma started the business as a new Mum working from home and now has 25 employees. She shares her journey from London to Australia and discusses achieving life balance while running a successful business. Emma is also a mother to two young daughters and in this open and honest interview talks of the challenges faced on a daily basis.

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WB062: Craigh Wilson: Medical and Business Intuitive

A really inspirational interview with medical and business intuitive Craigh Wilson. With 30 years of experience he is a highly sought after author, regular media contributor, mentor and international key note speaker. He has a new book out called ├Źntuitive: how to access and use your birth-given intuition’, which is one of a planned series of books.

This was an engaging and insightful discussion with many tips on ways to support your wellbeing and an overview of the services and supports offered by Craigh.

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WB055: Exercise as Medicine

This episode explores the topic of Exercise as Medicine. Each person has individual needs when it comes to exercise, which ideally will support a balanced and fulfilling life. This discussion expands the topic of Food as Medicine to incorporate the many considerations for you when including exercise, fitness and movement in your life. Carolyn talks of her own experiences of being a chronic exerciser and how she has moved beyond this to have a new appreciation for what her body really needs to be well.
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WB054: Thriving in Difficult Times: Twelve lessons from Ancient Greece to improve your life today with John Vespasian.

Listen to this very interesting interview with author John Vespasian as he discusses his new book: Thriving in Difficult Times. Twelve lessons from Ancient Greece to improve your life today”. With a focus on wellbeing and lessons that can be learnt from Ancient Greece to support your wellness in this modern world, this is an interview not to be missed. John talks in depth of the challenges of obtaining life balance and looks back to the Wisdom of the great minds from the past such as Hippocrates for the answers to lifes many challenges.
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WB053: Goal Setting for the New Year: Time to stay focussed.

Carolyn is following up on the New Years resolutions and goals that you have made to see how things are now that we are one month into the New Year. A challenging time for keeping the goals lays ahead as life gets busy again after some down time. It’s important to stay focussed and reassess the goals as the year progresses. Listen in for some handy tips from holistic wellness coach Carolyn Gray.
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WB012:Fitness and Movement: Wellness Seminar 2

wellness circles
Life balance is so important if we are to achieve wellness in our lives.

Carolyn talks us through the second of her Community Wellness Seminars where fitness, movement and exercise are explored from a holistic perspective. With a past history of chronic exercise Carolyn has had to change her mindset, habits and goals to achieve Wellness and the healing that her body needed. This podcast is filled with tips to live a more holistic and balanced life where your own individual goals and familial predispositions drive your exercise and movement choices.

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