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WB046: An interview with my nine year old son Brandon on life, family, sport and wellness.

2015-04-25 10.16.00

An insightful chat with my nine year old son Brandon. A sport loving and intelligent child who shares the challenges of living with Pyroluria. We discuss life in this busy Modern world and what is important to him in his life. Brandon shares his insights into wellness and what lays ahead for him in the future. A great chat with a sensitive and caring boy.
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WB032: Beyond Pyroluria

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Holistic Nutrition and Wellness Coach Carolyn Gray.

After almost two and a half years Carolyn’s journey with Pyroluria is moving in a new direction. The supplements, food as medicine, nutrition study and motivation for a greater sense of life balance have all supported her Wellness and recovery. Healing the body has taken time but now she is moving to better understand the mental health journey through studying a Bachelors Degree in Psychology and undertaking workshops in ACT with Dr Russ Harris. Moving away from the chronic health pattern and separating herself from the diagnosis is helping to develop the whole person. Through an integrative and holistic approach Carolyn is working towards living the meaningful and fulfilling life she wants and focussing less on the Pyroluria as its hold on her has lessened and symptoms subsided. The third in a series on Pyroluria and it is recommended that you listen to Episode 2 (Pyroluria: My experience) and Episode 20 (Pyroluria: What is life like after Diagnosis and Treatment) before this one.
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WB020: Pyroluria. What is life like after Diagnosis and Treatment? This episode explores the topic.

In this second episode exploring the topic of Pyroluria, Carolyn shares what life is like now two and a half years since the diagnosis. With the support of her Integrative Practitioner, an intense supplement protocol, a Food as Medicine Paleo orientated diet and many life changes Carolyn now feels she is at the peak of her Wellness journey but maybe she needs to make some hard decisions to support her body in its quest to function optimally. The challenge it seems to Carolyn is the impact the Pyroluria has on achieving Homeostasis in the body and the many stresses and stressors of modern life impacting this. Carolyn shares her ongoing journey, the challenges of having three children also diagnosed with Pyroluria and the importance of having the support of an excellent Integrative Practitioner. The first episode on this topic is Episode 2 of the Wellness Buzz Podcast and it is recommended to listen to that one first.
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WB006: Post Natal Depression with Daniella Hogarth


Wellness Mentor Daniella Hogarth

The inspiring Daniella Hogarth shares her incredible experiences of Post Natal Depression and how she has looked inwards and found the inner strength and resilience to recover. She talks about the medication she took to support her journey, the role that mindfulness has played in helping her explore a more holistic treatment path and now she is preparing to treat the Pyrole diagnosis that has been in the background. Daniella is a Wellness Mentor who is sharing her plant based Paleo diet through many different avenues including teaching a Paleo lifestyle course, a Find Your Inner Healing Gathering and an amazing Website. Listen to Daniella in this personal and insightful interview as she shares her passion for spreading the Wellness message and supporting others.

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WB002: Pyroluria

In this second show l further explore my own wellness journey and discuss in detail the diagnosis of Pyroluria which is a medical condition that was catastrophic for my mental health, Immune and digestive system function. I offer advice, tips and resources in this honest and open discussion.

Podcast Resources:

Websites: ACNEM: https://www.acnem.org/

Minnd Foundation: http://mindd.org/

Pfeiffer Institute: http://www.hriptc.org/index.php

Bio-balance: www.biobalance.org.au

Mind Matters: http://www.mindmatters.edu.au/

Dr William Walsh: http://www.walshinstitute.org/


Mental Health Topics-The Mood Cure (Julia Ross), Nutrient Power (William J Walsh), Nutrition and Mental Illness (Carl C. Pfeiffer), Depression Free Naturally (Joan Mathews Larson)

Other Topics-The Biology of Belief (Bruce Lipton), Wherever You Go, There You Are (Jon Kabat-Zinn), The Reality Slap (Dr Russ Harris), The Happiness Trap (Dr Russ Harris).

Podcast: http://thegooddoctors.com.au/health-podcast/nutrients/

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